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Prevention of Domestic Abuse againest women and girls of Uganda. Nearly 75% of women in Uganda face some form of domestic abuse and 60% remains silent about their sufferings.


Women Empowerment and Abuse rescue is a Community Based Organisation working and creating amongst abused women . We are dedicated to working with our ministry partners and local communities in creating and disseminating integrated programs to empower women.

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All our programs and projects aim at changing the life of abused women either directly or indirectly. Women are the pillars of our society.Our aim is to empower abused women so that they can easily reintergrate back into society through our various programs.

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Sponsorship is creating a bright future for children, families and communities in Uganda. We are committed to helping abused women by giving them the education, resources and skills needed to help them fulfill their calling in life. You can partner with us.

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Women Empowerment and Domestic Abuse Rescue
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Phone: +256701178483

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